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After taking your exam, a score will be generated. Although it’s difficult to attach a physical number to a person’s internal character, that’s what we are out to do. 31score.com will use a scale similar to the used in the measurement of gold. Gold’s purity is measured on a parts per million ranking. It’s a fascinating scoring because 24 carat gold is considered pure gold, yet it isn’t. It’s believed that if you melt gold 7 times and take out the impurities each time, you will achieve 24 carat gold, but the real score is 999/1000 parts are gold and 1/1000 part is impurity. You see, 100% pure gold doesn’t exist and we don’t think pure character does either, so your scoring is on a scale of 0 – 999. Sorry for the let down.

Our scoring methods will consider questions from each character type as well as three different locations of showing it. We want to measure the character you practice at home verses at work verses with your friends and see if it is the same or different.

Character really is the only legacy one can leave. We hope to help you do it well!

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