Yes, simply remove your current reference with the ‘x’ icon to the right and add a new reference in their place.

Being a 31score ambasador means you believe in what this score achieves in people and you want to help spread the word.  It also means you get paid.  We would like to award you a commission by giving them a code to apply when purchasing the exam.  

If you are unable to get the 3 references, our system isn’t able to generate a score.  You would need to persist in asking your acquaintances to take the exam for you.

Your 31score is comprised of other peoples’ perception of your character.  So changing your score means you have to visibly  change their perception of you character.   Although there are many helpful character books on the market, to increase your score one would need to go down the list of questions and apply those to every part of your day.  This also isn’t an ‘over night’ change.  One could expect 1 – 3 years to see a change.

You may have noticed ‘integrity’ isn’t listed as a listed character item.  Yet this is exactly what most employer’s want to know about a potential candidate.  

Answer:  Here at 31score we see integrity defined as ‘doing the right thing when the right thing is hard and unseen’.  Integrity, someone’s true integrity, is seldom seen by even the closest of friends.  It has been said, “you don’t know a man until you have to split an inheritance with him”.  Integrity can really only be seen by a very close friend over a long period of time.   We here at 31 score don’t feel we could accurately score or gauge it.

So if you are looking for a gauge or score for integrity, consider the entire 31 score as an accelerated snapshot of a persons integrity.

We also enjoy that this assessment has started the conversation on character though.  Feel free to email us your thoughts at info@31score.com.