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Workplace Culture Begins With Character

“Hire a person, train the skill.”

Create a Happier Workplace

Create a Happier Workplace

Character creates trust and teams that trust each other tend to be happier.

Reduce Legal Risks

Reduce Legal Risks

When your employees have great character, you reduce legal risks.

Improve Your Public Image

Improve Your Public Image

Your reputation is your brand. Good reputation begins with great character.

Character Attribute Definitions

We know it can be difficult to know a person’s character. That’s why we’ve created  a list of character traits to reference quickly and conveniently.


The ability to keep a positive mental attitude, body demeanor and word choice while waiting longer than expected.


To inspire with Courage, spirit, words or confidence to someone who needs it!


Intentionally placing yourself in thought and action lower than those around you in order to serve others.


Not giving up when you feel like stopping, but seeing a project through to the end, especially if you said you would.


Disregarding your initial and previously established thoughts and considering both sides of a matter before making up your mind.


A good natured disposition in a person


Someone who avoids violence or words and body language that leads to violence in most all circumstances.


The long term emotion that allows someone to be happy in good and difficult times


The short term disposition of a person who has joy in the moment.


The ability to avoid distractions and be present so as to fulfill promises and commitments, even if importance is low.


Instead of complaining about a product, idea or situation, offering ideas instead of criticism help the person listening


Making truthful statements, even when it hurts.


Sexual oriented jokes, words and jokes usher in a distracted work environment and is appropriate for younger ages.


Considering your audience before speaking as to not purposefully offend.


The ability to organize the space you occupy in a sound, clean and functional way


Being fine and even comfortable around others with opposing opinions than yourself.

Well Mannered

An effort is made to prevent bodily noises as well as conducting yourself mindfully and properly in all environments to include school, dinner, work and at home.


Having thoughts about someone else without using them to adjust a 3rd party's opinion about that person.


Considering others before yourself.


Whether someone has high social achievement or low, you treat them all the same with words, body language and thought.

Work Hustle

The ability to work smart and swift to capitalize on others' distraction, comfort, complacency and slow work.


The outward perception of the world around them as good natured.


The good will to give with joy.


Unwilling to allow jealousy of other's items or success but to pursue those things with satisfaction in yourself.


The lifestyle of not being afraid of telling your secrets to others.


Someone who can be trusted with a task, small or large.


Showing up when expected or before.


Hygiene, clothing and appearance is clean, organized and professional.


Showing polite courtesy as a sign of honor


Using polite nomenclature and body language to address others

Good Listener

Hearing someone with more than just your ears.

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